Queers Like Me


Confessional and immersive, Michael V. Smith’s latest collection is a broad tapestry that explores growing up queer and working class, then growing into an urban queer life.

In these poems, we are immersed in the world of a young Smith as he shares the awkward dinners, the funerals, and the uncertainty of navigating fraught dynamics, bringing us into these most intimate moments of family life while outrunning deep grief. Smith moves from first home to first queer experiences: teenage crushes, video cameras, post-club hookups, fears and terrors, closeted lovers, and daydreams of confronting your childhood bully.

Queers Like Me is an enveloping book—a meditation on family complexity and a celebration of personal insight.


Michael V. Smith

Michael V. Smith has published six previous books, which include three collections of poetry, a memoir, and two novels. Also an award-winning filmmaker, drag queen, and professor, Smith teaches at UBC Okanagan, in Kelowna, BC, where he lives with his brilliant husband.

Chapter Contributors Pages Year Price
This section contains the poem: Grandma Cooper’s Corpse
49 $4.90
This section contains the poems: Footage A Parallel Universe How Loud Are Men Where Men Were Abusers The Cornwall Royals Honk Queers Like Me That’s So Gay Future Perfect Falafel Things …
27 $2.70
This section contains the poem: Facebook
22 $2.20
This section contains the poems: At the Bar Mitzvah Sam Hill MarineLand 1990 You Were My First: A Dream Writes a Poem about a Moose Metaphor Aunt Debbie Pretending Sleep Braiding Sweetgrass
29 $2.90