Pistachios in My Pocket


Poet Sareh Farmand was born in Tehran at the start of the Islamic Revolution. In this brave first collection of poems and prose a narrative arc details her family’s escape from Iran, detailing their time as immigrants in limbo, and finally, as Landed Immigrants in Canada. Using family anecdotes, memory, public documents, and images to outline her family’s story, Pistachios in my Pocket moves from the personal to the universal by exploring the influences of migration, political strife, and cultural identity on humanity. Here is a new voice to the conversation on global citizenship and multiculturalism, as themes of loss, home, and belonging are explored in a new way through a wide socio-political lens and personal accounts of a family’s unique, yet universal experiences. Ultimately, bringing forward the many ways immigrants are haunted after fleeing for safety and what it means to be Canadian.


Sareh Farmand

Sareh Farmand was born in Tehran at the start of the Islamic Revolution, and grew up in Vancouver, BC. Her first book of poems, Pistachios in my Pocket, follows a narrative arc that tells the story of her family’s escape from Iran and their experiences as first wave Iranian immigrants to Canada.
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revolution, morning in Tehran, sapphire, Maryam, horses, history of the veil, unveiling (I, II), mullah, mini-jupe, vacay, discordant, Deceptions, caviar, CIA, M16, changes, rose petals, …
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Unhomed, river, soft, snow, Berlin, 1980, Rome, 1981, motherland, harbouring hope, Sepi braiding my hair, they knock, wish, leave, again, diaphanous, defining, Diaspora (I, II, III).
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North Vancouver, 1982, him, New Brunswick, 1983 (I, II, III), enisled, Khaleh Parvin (Mamaly), cellophane of saffron I and II, dad’s immigrant song (I, II), solace, Dear Sally Field, blood …
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