From: I Can Hear You, Can You Hear Me?


Sighting — National park homo — Sisters — Mountain updrafts — Sideways snow — Not having a dick — My body, full scrape — Inherent — Love song — Trust — Christmas at Point Pleasant — The moon! The moon! — Anatomy — Waterfowl.



Nolan Natasha

Nolan Natasha is a queer and trans writer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His poems have appeared in The Puritan, The Stinging Fly, Event, Grain, Prairie Fire, CV2, and Plenitude. He has been a finalist for the CBC poetry prize, the Geist postcard contest, Room Magazine’s poetry contest, the Atlantic Writing Competition, and was the runner-up for the Thomas Morton fiction prize. Nolan grew up in North York and the Faroe Islands. A nostalgia for a childhood split between 90’s suburban Toronto and green mountains in the North Atlantic is present in his work. Childhood expressions of queerness, recognition between queer bodies and the lasting resonance of personal connections emerge as major themes in both Nolan’s poetry and fiction.