Northern Lights


From: Pistachios in My Pocket


North Vancouver, 1982, him, New Brunswick, 1983 (I, II, III), enisled, Khaleh Parvin (Mamaly), cellophane of saffron I and II, dad’s immigrant song (I, II), solace, Dear Sally Field, blood of flowers, what am I to you, all the things I wanted to say when I was 15 or 16 years old, landed immigrant, the mall, 1995, oh we’re Italian, Sunday morning mourning, safe inside, sound, dis-ease, lucid, VIP, seamless, birthday wishes, half moons, thin veil, surrogate family, Sepi, #westvan (I, II, III), another dimension, 0 ego, Epilogue.



Sareh Farmand

Sareh Farmand was born in Tehran at the start of the Islamic Revolution, and grew up in Vancouver, BC. Her first book of poems, Pistachios in my Pocket, follows a narrative arc that tells the story of her family’s escape from Iran and their experiences as first wave Iranian immigrants to Canada.