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From: The Unpublished City


The Unpublished City was conceived to show the (Multipli)City of writers that call Toronto home; that the City of Toronto might hear the wonderful voices of the City’s own true imaginaries. The idea here is to read ‘unpublished’ not simply as not in print, but as the narratives, and imaginations of the City that are present, and not yet fully realized, nor

acknowledged. In these stories and poems we apprehend what lies on the surface of the City’s glass walls, in the depths of its rapidly and perennially urbanized landscape, and in its bristling and multilingual streets.



Ryanne Kap

Ryanne Kap is entering her third year of studying English and creative writing at the University of Toronto. Her work has been published and recognized in Scarborough Fair and Toronto’s Young Voices magazine. Originally from Hunan, China, Ryanne grew up in Strathroy, Ontario and currently resides in Scarborough.