In the "New CanLit," We Must all Be Antigones

From: Refuse


In her essay, A. H. Reaume draws on the work of activists like Jael Richardson, Alicia Elliott, and Carrianne Leung,who argue that we must resist the desire to push past critique into optimism. Instead, Reaume joins in the call for allies who are invested in making CanLit more just to engage in the necessary, urgent work of pointing to systemic inequities and demanding that they be changed.


A. H. Reaume

A. H. REAUME is a disabled writer and long-time feminist activist with a master’s degree in Canadian Literature from UBC. Her writing has been published in the Globe and Mail, the Vancouver Sun, and many other outlets, and she has won awards for her activist work, which was also mentioned in the textbook Canadian Women: A History. She is currently finishing a novel.