iii: Alternate Timelines


From: Your Therapist Says It's Magical Feelings


Part III includes the following poems: Conveniences 43

Republic 2 44

Tale of the Phoenix 46

The Cave 48

A Less Good Version 50

Negatives 51

Alt-Everything 53

Tale of the Grocer 54

A Labourer at Stonehenge 56

The Cleanse 58

Fast Food Breakfast 60

Victimology, Redux 61

The Great Reign 63

Gridlock 65

Happy 67

Tale of the Flood



Sadie McCarney

Charlottetown, PEI–based Sadie McCarney is the author of the poetry collection Live Ones and the found poetry performance text/mental health memoir Head War. Her work has appeared in Best Canadian Poetry, The Walrus, Literary Review of Canada, the Gay & Lesbian Review, and various literary journals.