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From: Realignment


Rare to contemplate – Hitler und die Deutschen—Volksgemeinshaft und Verbrechen – Viewing Armand Séguin’s Portrait of Madeleine Bernard – Jean Dubuffet’s Tale of the Earth (1955) – You Are – “A Woman’s Hair is Her Crowning Glory” John William Waterhouse’s St. Eulalia 1885 – J’accuse – Equipoise – In Memory of Jenna Morrison – Joan Kaufmann’s News from Nowhere – When similes seem supererogatory – Where to find peace of mind, peace of mind – Pale Yellow Smudges – A Vanishing Figure – Omnium-Gatherum



Ruth Roach Pierson

Ruth Roach Pierson has published four poetry collections including Aide-Mémoire, which was a Governor General Literary Award for Poetry finalist in 2008. In 2014 Guernica Editions published an anthology of film poems she edited entitled I Found It at the Movies. Aperture, her chapbook of poems written in response to the photography of Josef Sudek, was also released in 2014. A Skeletal Wand and her fourth collection Realignment were launched by Palimpsest Press.