If I Didn’t Love the River



In this virtuoso display of sonnets, free verse, prose poems, villanelles, ghazals, and aphorisms, People’s Poet Robert Priest makes it clear why the Pacific Rim Review has called him “surely the most imaginatively inventive poet in the country.” A profound meditation on love, death, sex, and sickness, If I Didn’t Love the River speaks directly to the polarizations of our time. Priest’s mastery of dark satire, lyric ebullience, erotic verse, and the pithy maxim is as gratifying as it is unique and will appeal to the yearning for poetry, which so often goes unsatisfied in the reading public. No emotional territory — from angst, anger, anguish, and despair to whimsical delight — is off-limits here. Intent on releasing reverberations from the full depths and heights of what it is to be human, this is Robert Priest at his protean best.


Robert Priest

Robert Priest’s words have been debated in the legislature, posted on buses, quoted in the Farmers’ Almanac, and turned into a hit song. His book Reading the Bible Backwards peaked at number two on the Canadian poetry charts, outsold only by Leonard Cohen. He lives in Toronto, ON.
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Includes the poems: Love Has Nothing to Do, If I Didn’t Love the River, Confession, Between a Tender and a Tender Place, On Star Divination, I Want to Go Back, So Close, Love Lets Love …
31 $3.10
Includes the poems: Preparations for the Catastrophe, What the Albatross Has Round Its Neck, Ravine, On the Way to the Walbran Forest, Beasts of Burden, Chimp with Organ, Still Life with Girl …
26 $2.60
Includes the poems: Shane Swallowed the World, What Francesca Does to English, Way Too Old, Keyhole Telescopic, Adoration, Head, For Francesca with a Broken Heart, Thigh, B. A.S.D., Sonnet of …
27 $2.70
Includes the poems: Too Much Like Heaven, Clock of One Word, You Were There, Against Love, Two Sheets on a Line, Caregiver, Information, Jade, For Marsha Taking Smaller Portions, In Order To Be …
36 $3.60