I’d Write the Sea Like a Parlour Game

Richly imagined and evocative, I’d Write the Sea like a Parlour Game explores the diversity and resilience that inhabit life at the margins, from tuckamore trails to the streets of a coastal city, with intimacy and often wry humour. This debut collection heralds an imaginative new voice, steeped in curiosity, and takes a fresh look at ageless poetic terrains.


Alison Dyer

Alison Dyer’s poetry and short stories have been published in

Chapter Title Contents Contributors Pages Year Price


Bones of Paradise – The Foragers – Battle Harbour Triptych – Summer Studies 1 – Summer Studies 2 – Sushi Bar – Irises – Black – Storm – … 12 $1.20


Mountain Ash (the boisterous) – White Birch (the moon child) – Balsam Fir (the trustworthy) – Maple (the flamboyant) – Poplar (the capricious) – Alder (the … 24 $2.40


Why He Rested on the Seventh Day – Mind over Matter – Bottled Moose – Ode to the Potato Growers – Hell’s Hand – I’d Write the Sea Like a Parlour Game … 12 $1.20


Capital Haikus – Rock Dove – Chasing Winter Blues – Janubrry – Tattoos of Signal Hill – Wind: excessive – Just Another White-out – Lunch with Alistair … 13 $1.30