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David Huebert’s Humanimus presents a world of soiled nature, of compromised ecology, of toxic transcendence. Raising environmental precarity to the level of mythos, this book implicates readers in what Dominic Pettman calls the “humanimalchine,” where modern cyborg bodies are rewired and remixed with mechanical membranes and animal prostheses. Revelling in corporeal excess and industrial abjection, Humanimus fans the ash of the human experiment to see what strange beauty might wilt and whimper there.


David Huebert

David Huebert has won The Walrus Poetry Prize, the CBC Short Story Prize, and has twice been a Nominee for the National Magazine Awards. David’s fiction debut, Peninsula Sinking, won the Jim Connors Dartmouth Book Award, was shortlisted for the Alistair MacLeod Short Fiction Prize, and was runner-up for the Danuta Gleed Literary Award. David’s poems have been published in magazines such as Prairie Fire, Event, and The Walrus. His poetry chapbook, Full Mondegreens (with Andy Verboom) won the Frog Hollow Chapbook contest in 2016. He lives, writes, and teaches in K’jipuktuk/Halifax.

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The Call – Mutants’ Songnet – Selfie – Cube Root Hand – Moonrise – Closeted – Miss Transcanada – Trichotillomaniac Reports from Periscope Depth … 22 $2.20


Wild in Me – Blades of Grass – Owl – Tails – Lacking a Jar – Scorpions – Familiaris – Granger – Bears Once – Appaloosa – County – … 27 $2.70


Picture Seam – Periodic Ode: Sodium – Periodic Ode: Oxygen – Periodic Ode: Carbon – Chemical Valley – Herd – Petrolia, 1867 – Gush – Colloquium: … 16 $1.60


Vanishing Sestina – Thirteen Ways of Hearing “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” – Rapunzel’s Rapt Uncle – The Dead Feel Narrow – Vile Heights, … 19 $1.90