Hard Ticket

New Writing Made in Newfoundland


hard ticket noun (Nfld) a lively character, a tough or headstrong person, someone not easily controlled.

Hard Ticket showcases some of the most exciting writers in Newfoundland. Selected by critically acclaimed author Lisa Moore, these previously unpublished stories highlight the charged and magnetic work of Newfoundland’s next generation of literary trailblazers.

Contributors to the anthology include Bridget Canning, Matthew Hollett, Jim McEwen, Michelle Porter, Olivia Robinson, Heidi Wicks, Xaiver Campbell, and others.


Lisa Moore

Lisa Moore is the author of Degrees of Nakedness, Open, Alligator, February, Caught, Something for Everyone, and the young adult novel Flannery. She lives in St. John's, where she teaches creative writing at Memorial University.
Chapter Contributors Pages Year Price
In the "Introduction" editor Lisa Moore explores the motivation behind this anthology, the current state of the world in 2022, and the power of shadow and light.
6 $0.60
"Snowblower" by Michelle Porter explores family, the dinner table, Christmas, and snow.
7 $0.70
"Past Tenses" by Carrie-Jane Williams explores park benches, fortune tellers, and Januaries.
6 $0.60
"Sugar" by Allison Graves explores health, cake making, ‘sugaring,’ and feeling empty.
6 $0.60
"Ten Frames Forever" by Elizabeth Hicks explores driving in storms, Paradise, NL, a hitchhiker in need, and St. Paul’s Bowling Lanes.
12 $1.20
"Twilight Airs, Iron, Water" by Tzu-Hao Hsu explores the relationship between a grandfather and granddaughter, returning home, and listening.
8 $0.80
"Starecase" by Benjamin C. Dugdale explores his mothers relationship with her brothers (his uncles), his siblings, Batman, and their father.
17 $1.70
"Eight Months to a Year" by Xavier Michael Campbell explores sunrise, sex, and the brain.
13 $1.30
"The Flat Freshie Blue-Star Test" by Heidi Wicks explores the Trans Canada, the Chrysler, and the journey ahead.
13 $1.30
"effie" by Olivia Robinson explores friendship, fleeting love, and growing.
9 $0.90
"Lord Gushue’s Reign of Terror" by William Ping explores the Olympics, curling, and proper emotions.
7 $0.70
"You-Cee" by Sobia Shaheen Shaikh explores memories, returning to one’s past, and flowers.
20 $2.00
"The City Wears Thin" by Matthew Hollett explores the St. John’s, education and work, and summer.
14 $1.40
"Ēkatra" by Prajwala Dixit explores letters, settling in Canada, and connections to India.
24 $2.40
"The Years the Locusts Have Eaten" by Bridget Canning explores military, history, and memorialization.
11 $1.10
"What Kind of Dog Is He?" by Terry Doyle explores Sturdy the dog, his change in personality, and the beagle.
7 $0.70
"Remains of Conception" by Carmella Gray-Cosgrove explores parenthood, loss, community, breastfeeding, a baby’s perspective of the world, heaviness, and constant comparison.
11 $1.10
"Lost Villages" by Jim McEwen explores a dead deer, family, notes, memories of war, and one’s place.
21 $2.10