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From: In Our Own Aboriginal Voice


A traditional story about the oolichan harvest.



Joe Starr

Joe Starr is a member of the Haisla Nation and currently lives in Nanaimo, BC. His interest in writing began after graduating from UBC in the early 90s. He prefers to write because he wants to rather than because he has to. Joe retired as a schoolteacher two years ago and has since returned to university. He is currently in his second year at VIU to “fine-tune and tighten” his writing, and he has plans for graduate school within three years. Joe enjoys reading, writing, photography, and he dabbles in creating art quilts. After his partners’ passing and his brush with death, Joe wrote and self-published a collection of short stories, Nuyem Weaver. Joe has also self-published In and Out of Context, a book featuring quilts he has created over the years.