Looking deeply into humanity’s interactions with the animal world, Linda Frank considers our fascination with and fear of nature, as well as our exploitation of all species. These poems catalogue not only the beautiful and sometimes deadly complexity of our natural world, but investigate the ways we have sought to understand it, highlighting the struggle of women scientists to push past misogyny. In these poems Nabokov’s butterflies live on beside flea circuses and von Frisch’s bees are as detailed as the habits of the jewel wasp. This is a collection written with a botanist’s eye and a scientist’s attention to cause and effect, both a lament and paean to a world that is vanishing


Linda Frank

Linda Frank was born in Montreal and now lives in Hamilton, Ontario. A retired professor from Mohawk College, she has written three books of poetry: Cobalt Moon Embrace, Insomnie Blues and Kahlo: The World Split Open, which was shortlisted for the Pat Lowther Award. She is a past winner of the Banff Centre's Bliss Carman Poetry Award and has been shortlisted for the National Magazine Awards.

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Divided – Jewel Wasp – Praying Mantis – Dragonfly – Swarm – Training Your Cricket to Be A Warrior – Jesus Bugs – Orb Weaver – Ocean Quahog – …
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Origin – A Philosophy of Zoos – Cage – Capture – Flea Circus – The Language of Bees – Von Frisch’s Ten Little Housemates – The Plume Trade – …
6 $0.60
Ascent – Show Me God, Hidden in the Stars – Falling Stars – Descent – Half Mile Down – The Glanville Fritillary – The Carpenter’s Daughter – They …
5 $0.50
Envoy – Red – Metamorphosis – Where the Sidewalk Ends – The Kranstein Forest – Frog – Morning Glory – Terrarium – Ginko – Tadpoles – …
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