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Democratically Applied Machine


Robert Colman’s third book of poetry, Democratically Applied Machine, is a back-to-basics approach to creation. In poems that inhabit both industrial and domestic landscapes, Colman traces his inheritance to determine how his life echoes that of his forebears, even as the past blurs with the onset of his father’s Alzheimer’s dementia. These are poems with working parts; poems of lineage and legacy; poems that engage the mechanical world while retaining nature’s imprint. Democratically Applied Machine is a defining collection from one of Canada’s finest poets.


Robert Colman

Robert Colman is a Newmarket, Ont.-based writer and editor. He has been involved in trade publications for the manufacturing industry for more than ten years. Colman is the author of two other full-length collections of poetry, Little Empires (Quattro Books 2012) and The Delicate Line (Exile Editions 2008), and the chapbook Factory (Frog Hollow Press 2015). He received his MFA from UBC in 2016.

Chapter Contributors Pages Year Price
Where Did All The Job Shops Go? – Ghosting The Assembly Line – The Machine’s Advice – Interview With The Machinist – Part – Cast Iron – Unemployed Hourly …
15 $1.50
Cutting For The Layman – Parts – Let Us Butt Heads, Love – Trade Show Secrets – Choosing Her Trade – After Lowry, After Cornish – Whale Hunt – The …
12 $1.20
Son to Father – Bone – Half Moon – Rec Room – Perimeter – Depression – Good, Better – Father to Son – Waking – The Party – Seasonal …
18 $1.80
The Painting – Slipping Time – Walking Longshaw – Fickle Gods – Old Friends – Market Day – Sleeping – Trust – Protest – Watching – …
18 $1.80