Dear Current Occupant: Part One

From: Dear Current Occupant


House with the sign in the window — Origami house with the handmade roof — Duplex near Fraser Street with the picture books in the closet — Letter to Santa — House with the green door on East 12th Avenue — Basement suite on Earles Street — Apartment above the East Indian sweet shop just off 49th — Palms Motel, Kingsway — House we all shared on Forgotten Street — Two-toned red-and-white brick house on 41st behind the church



Chelene Knight

Chelene Knight was born in Vancouver, and is currently the Managing Editor of Room Magazine. A graduate of The Writers’ Studio at SFU, Chelene has been published in various Canadian and American literary magazines. Her debut book, Braided Skin, was published in 2015. Dear Current Occupant is her second book. Chelene is also working on a historical novel set in the 1930s and 40s in Vancouver’s Hogan’s Alley.