Dane Woodland

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Dane Woodland

Dane Woodland is a full-time fitness professional and part-time volunteer in St. John’s. Through all avenues of his lifestyle, Dane imparts his knowledge in hopes of sparking positive change. Whether he is working to correct movement patterns, coaching young track-and-field athletes, or sharing his voice on behalf of the trans community, Dane is invested in communicating meaningfully and effectively. Dane’s involvement in transVersing has allowed him to diversify his interests and develop skills as an artist while allowing him to integrate with other likeminded folks who can appreciate his experiences. As an activist, Dane regularly shares his personal stories as a means of creating more awareness of gender diversity. He gave a Ted Talk in 2016 entitled, “One Lifetime, Two Perspectives: How Male Privilege Made Me A Feminist,” and he has appeared at many sessions, conferences, and professional seminars related to his experience as a trans person. Dane’s vision is that transVersing will encourage greater interest in learning and the emergence and recognition of our talented and wonderful community.