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All the People Are Pregnant


"So what if I left language by the pier. Metaphor’s a raft," declares Andrew DuBois as he leads readers through a fractured past and present — from "slummy memories of streets" to a "a charnelhouse (?) of possible clowns" — defamiliarizing, critiquing, and satirizing a wide range of conversational forms in the style of Wallace Stevens and Michael Palmer.


Andrew DuBois

Andrew DuBois is the author of three previous books, including Ashbery’s Forms of Attention and Start to Figure: Fugitive Essays, Selected Reviews, a collection that includes reviews of over 200 contemporary poets. He also co-edited The Anthology of Rap, named a Top Ten Book of the year by New York Magazine and The Village Voice. He is a member of the University of Toronto’s English department and divides his time between Toronto and Carbonear, Newfoundland.

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All the People Are Pregnant – North and South but in German – The Battle of Sulfur Creek Trestle – Coffin of Sticks – Infidels over the Hills – Rules for and Secrets … 12 $1.20


Partners – The Puppet Museum – Grease Fantasy – Mr. and Mrs. Refusal – And and Any Love – Bent Fabric – Tulip Hysteria Coordinating – Poinciana 10 $1.00


I am come to you as an alien – Fear Eats the Soul – Blood for Wizard Oil – Campaign Confetti – Clown Condom – Genie Fur – Blind Blake – Landscape with … 15 $1.50


Song – Studies in Neurobiology – The Real Morning (after Frances Farmer) – Fictional Residency – Bellcore 20 $2.00