From: Devil in the Woods


Ritual Prayer – Prayer that the OPP Officer Was Opening Timbits – Letter to Bibb from Ashburnham Mister Convenience, Peterborough, ON – Letter to Milne from Temagami, ON – Letter to Lee from Inside the Only Cafe in Peterborough, ON – Letter to Page from York Mills Station in Toronto, ON – Letter to Douglas from the Shopping Fair in Whitby, ON – Prayer for the Perfect Bannock – Letter to Yan from the Superior Oriental Buffet on Parkhill Road, Peterborough, ON – Letter to Young on Archibald White Eye’s Couch at Curve Lake First Nation – Letter to Cohen from the Highway 2 Swiss Chalet at Bowmanville, ON – Letter to Jackson from Gananoque, ON – Letter to Ford from Curry in a Hurry, Peterborough, ON – Letter to Campbell Scott from Upstate New York – Prayer of Imploration for Clear Weather



D. A. Lockhart

D.A. Lockhart is the author of The Gravel Lot that Was Montana, This City at the Crossroads, and Big Medicine Comes to Erie. His work has received multiple Pushcart Prize nominations. He is also the publisher at Urban Farmhouse Press. A Turtle Clan member of the Moravian of the Thames First Nation, Lockhart currently resides at Waawiiyaatanong on the south shore of the Detroit River (most often referred to as the border cities of Windsor ON and Detroit MI). Devil in the Woods is his fourth poetry collection.