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Cartons of milk hold everything up: Mama’s kitchens IV – Métis mother Returning from the Grocery Store, Alberta – In the City, Alberta – To the Last Cent: Mama’s Kitchens V – The Es – The Jump of her Feet – The Hungry End of the Month: Mama’s kitchens VI – Feast Day – The Fridge Thinks About Moving out – Carry Bread Crumbs: Mama’s Kitchens VII – Waiting To Go – Millwoods, Edmonton – From the Bones of this Story: Mama’s Kitchens VIII – Eldering – The Tulips (on my Counter) Are Dying – The Métis Children Lean in: Mama’s kitchens IX – March 14, 2014 – The Wire on Tessier place – Like Jesus, the Sky Loves the Little Children: Mama’s Kitchens X – Picking up the Baby – Colonial Street, 2009 – The Faucet Would Like To Sit Dry: Mama’s kitchens XI – Manolis L off Duck island, Notre Dame Bay – The Morning After – The Fridge is an Atheist: Mama’s kitchens XII – Leaving Calgary – If the Table had Been Stronger –



Michelle Porter

Michelle Porter is a Red River Métis poet, journalist, and editor. She holds degrees in journalism, folklore, and geography (PhD). Her academic research and creative work have been focused on home, Métis mobility, and the changing nature of our relationship to land. She’s won awards for her work in poetry and journalism, and has been published in literary journals, newspapers, and magazines across the country. She lives in St. John’s.