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The Impassioned Ex-Formalist Pulitzer Prize-Winning Womanizing Alcoholic Jumps Off a Bridge – Autobiographical Fictions – Six Kilometres – The King of Pop – Her Name – Performance – The Unchanging Nature of Beauty – How Lord B Got So Thin – Death and Disco – “All bad poetry comes from genuine feeling” – A Convenience Store in the North End – Failed State, 2007 – A Repeatable Method – Alice Disordered, or An Argument With Mr. Stevens – God Speaks in Two Choruses and An Act of Violence – i.m. Emily Dickinson, Tabloid Journalist – Failed State, 1534 – A Nurse Who Loved Her Patient – The Former Reverend – Messages From the Unseen World



Maurice Mierau

Maurice Mierau is the author of Detachment: An Adoption Memoir, winner of the Isbister Award for Non-fiction and shortlisted for the Kobzar 2016 Literary Award. He has published two previous books of poems, Fear Not, winner of a ReLit award in 2009, and Ending with Music, which appeared with Brick in 2002. Maurice was born in Indiana, and grew up in Nigeria, Manitoba, Jamaica, Kansas, and Saskatchewan. He now lives in Winnipeg.