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Of the Red – North Saskatchewan River, 1980s – Mama Doesn’t Pray but She Buys Lottery Tickets: Mama’s Kitchens I – Whiteway Street, 2008 – Tessier Place, 2012-2014 – The Joints of the Stories: Mama’s Kitchens II – Open a Door and – This Haunting – The Stare of Mama’s men: Mama’s Kitchens III – Home, 1985-1991 – Slicing Lemons in April



Michelle Porter

Michelle Porter is a Red River Métis poet, journalist, and editor. She holds degrees in journalism, folklore, and geography (PhD). Her academic research and creative work have been focused on home, Métis mobility, and the changing nature of our relationship to land. She’s won awards for her work in poetry and journalism, and has been published in literary journals, newspapers, and magazines across the country. She lives in St. John’s.