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Dear Current Occupant

A Memoir

Dear Current Occupant is a creative nonfiction memoir about home and belonging set in the 80s and 90s of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Using a variety of forms including letters, essays … 133 View


Looking deeply into humanity’s interactions with the animal world, Linda Frank considers our fascination with and fear of nature, as well as our exploitation of all species. These … 104 View

East and West

East and West, Laura Ritland’s astonishing debut, is a book of visions. These are roving poems drawn to defamiliarizing points of view, and are exquisitely attentive to the way the world … 99 View

It Begins With the Body

Poems & Illustrations

It Begins With The Body by Hana Shafi explores the milestones and hurdles of a brown girl coming into her own. Shafi’s poems display a raw and frank intimacy and address anxiety, … 112 View

Listen Before Transmit

Dani Couture’s latest poems are transmissions that travel across the cosmos and the spaces we live in, as well as within the more intimate distances we navigate between one another. … 80 View

Little Bird Stories

Volume Eight

The Little Bird Writing Contest is an international contest exclusively for innovative, emerging short fiction writers. The contest opens each spring when the birds come back and showcases the … 41 View


CanLit in Ruins

CanLit—the commonly used short form for English Canadian Literature as a cultural formation and industry—has been at the heart of several recent public controversies. Why? Because … ; ; 221 View

The Essential Charles Bruce

Selected by Carmine Starnino

The Essential Charles Bruce introduces the poet’s work, long out of print, to modern audiences with a selection of his straightforward yet stirring verses that take as their subject the … 68 View

The Unpublished City

Volume II: The Lived City, The Imagined City

Co-edited by Phoebe Wang, Canisia Lubrin & Dionne Brand Orient yourself in the city with these nineteen works of creative non-fiction that offer a different, more multifarious wayfinding. In … ; ; 89 View

We All Need to Eat


We All Need to Eat is a collection of linked stories from award-winning author Alex Leslie that revolves around Soma, a young Queer woman in Vancouver. Through thoughtful and probing narratives, … 186 View

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From: Little Bird Stories


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Chapter One

It Begins With the Body

From: It Begins With the Body


when will it be over? — body talk — fences he built — romantic comedies with a strong female lead — 24 years — esteemed — severe women 14 $1.40 Add


From: The Essential Charles Bruce


Foreword 10 $1.00 Add

I Come Around With Appetite to Parties

From: Listen Before Transmit


I Come Around With Appetite to Parties – You Wore Out Your Welcome With Radiant Ability – Prototype – Listen Before Transmit – Mother, Order Octopoda – Pioneer … 17 $1.70 Add


Living in the Ruins

From: Refuse

MacGregor, Rak and Wunker discuss activism in CanLit that has emerge in light of recent controversies, such as UBCAccountable, the sexual harassment revelations at Concordia University, the … ; ; 20 $2.00 Add


From: The Unpublished City


The Unpublished City was conceived to show the (Multipli)City of writers that call Toronto home; that the City of Toronto might hear the wonderful voices of the City’s own true imaginaries. … 4 $0.40 Add